More top water smallie action….

It’s been a hot summer and that means TOP WATER SMALLIES!!  Here’s a some pics from the past few weeks.

Glenn with a nice smallie

Happy Grandpaw with a nice smallie

Happy grandson with a nice top water smallie

I get to fish every now and then!

Catch, Photo and Release!

Father and son DOUBLE!!

Even the small fish fight well

Love those big smiles!

All of these fish were caught on top water poppers using 5 and 6 weight fly rods!  We still have a few days open and can accommodate up to 6 anglers per day.  Book your trip as soon as possible since summer will be over before you know it and the top water bite will be gone as well.  Here’s a quick link for your convenience…
BTW not everyday is ideal….  check out this happy family on a 3 boat float.

Some days are a bit rainy, this day was very WET!

Wilson Creek Delayed Harvest; March news

It has just been reported to me by our on stream partner, Joe at the WCO outpost, HAACS store at Brown Mountain Beach….. that the stocking has gone well the past two days and that….. well, I’ll let the secret out…. at least 40 fish over 24 inches …. some 30 inches!!!!! WOW….. see ya up there.

Stop in and see Joe, Heather, and the cool kids for the up to date skinny.

Good fishin’ and many tight lines… –Walt