Fall Fishing is heating up with a few tips and pointers

Spent last Sunday fishing with my buddy and WCO guide Chad Stevens and had a blast.  We fished a nice western NC stream that Chad fishes offer and for good reason.  This place hold some nice fish.  It’s tough wading…. slick bottom and some BIG rocks to crawl around, over and sometimes under.

Some big rocks to climb around!

We had a very successful day with landing many bows between 10 and 14″ with a few browns mixed in.  Chad landed a nice 16″+ brown but was too far away for me to get a good picture of it.  Of course all fish were released and hopefully we’ll get a picture of it next time.

I managed one very nice brook trout but could not stay hooked up with the bigger browns for some reason.  While Chad started and ended his day with the same flies I tried several different patterns.  But most of all I was trying to use bigger than normal trout flies.  At one point I had a size 10 Stimulator for my dry fly and a size 8 bh Hare’s Ear for my dropper.  Although I fished bigger flies I caught more small fish.  Go figure….

Underwater shot of my good brook trout after release!

So many people question me on equipment and rigging I thought I’d include some details with this report.  For this trip I fished the following…

8ft 4wt rod with SA Trout Stalker textured 4wt fly line, SA Mono Leader (use to be a  7-1/2ft 5x) but had it cut back to about 6ft including a 1ft piece of 4x tippet to the dry fly.  As I mentioned above my dry fly was a size 10 Yellow Stimulator and for the record I caught 6 fish on the dry!  I then tied tippet (5x) to the bend of the hook on the stimulator.  My dropper nymph was about 40″ below my dry fly.  That’s not a typo, 40″ to my dropper.  This is a deep swift stream.  My dropper fly changed several times during the day and I caught fish on every one of them.  Started with a beadhead early black stone size 12, then a size 12 bh pheasant tail, size 10 bh hare’s ear, size 12 copper john and finished the day using a size 8 bh hare’s ear.

Couple of random shots from this trip….

Hope you enjoyed!!

Delayed Harvest is here – stocking this week!

Delayed Harvest streams will be stocked this week!  Here’s a list of some of the local DH streams and their stocking dates.

COUNTY               STREAM               OCTOBER              NOVEMBER

Burke                   Jacob Fork                    3                                   2
Caldwell               Wilson Creek                2                                   2
McDowell             Curtis Creek                 3                                   5
McDowell             Mill Creek                      3                                   5
McDowell             Catawba River             4                                    6

If you are not familiar with Delayed Harvest regulations here’s what the NC Wildlife Resource Commission has to say…..

Brook, brown and rainbow trout require cold, clean water and are therefore generally restricted to mountain streams and lakes.  Those mountain waters that support trout and
are open to public fishing are designated as “Public Mountain Trout Waters” by the Wildlife
Resources Commission and are man aged for public trout fishing. A significant amount of
trout fishing opportunities in western North Carolina are located on private property. These
landowners have generously allowed for public access for fishing. Please respect their property. Your cooperation is needed to protect fishing opportunities for future generations.
The Commission conspicuously marks Public Mountain Trout Waters with regulation signs
that indicate locations for public access. When anglers encounter “posted against trespass” signs along these designated sections on private lands, they should respect the property owner’s rights and choose another location along that stream to fish. Maps of trout waters and their classifications may be viewed at ncwildlife.org under the link for Fishing at the top of the page.