More top water smallie action….

It’s been a hot summer and that means TOP WATER SMALLIES!!  Here’s a some pics from the past few weeks.

Glenn with a nice smallie

Happy Grandpaw with a nice smallie

Happy grandson with a nice top water smallie

I get to fish every now and then!

Catch, Photo and Release!

Father and son DOUBLE!!

Even the small fish fight well

Love those big smiles!

All of these fish were caught on top water poppers using 5 and 6 weight fly rods!  We still have a few days open and can accommodate up to 6 anglers per day.  Book your trip as soon as possible since summer will be over before you know it and the top water bite will be gone as well.  Here’s a quick link for your convenience…
BTW not everyday is ideal….  check out this happy family on a 3 boat float.

Some days are a bit rainy, this day was very WET!

Two Boat Trip with Carolina On The Fly Forum Members

When Dail aka Quailman first talked to me about doing a four person two boat trip back in February, May seemed awfully far away.  Well as the date got closer I could feel his excitement in every PM and e-mail.  His son Nick, friend and fellow COTF member Chanler aka Shallowskiff and his buddy Josh filled out the group.  With water levels being higher than average Chad and I opted for a longer float to allow them to see more of the river and with two boats we would be able to flip flop the lead boat.

At the put in the ribbing began with Chanler telling us how he was high maintenance but since Dail and Nick both smoked we split up the boats by smokers and non-smokers.  Good for me since Chad’s boat would have several more pounds for him to row. :-)

Unloading the double rigged trailer

Rafts loaded 2 high on double trailer

The day started out fairly slow but once the sun popped over the mountain the smallie began rising to our top water poppers.

Working the ledges

Working the ledges between mid river rocks

Josh with a nice top water smallie

Of course we had lots of ribbing from boat to boat and lunch was a side busting event with Chan and Nick deciding to take a swim in the cool river water.  BTW I took some pictures but I’m sure you don’t want to see them! :-)

Chad working the oars

Nice sandy beach for a lunch spot

Fished the top water poppers all day long with some slow periods and some very productive periods.  Didn’t catch any really big fish but Josh took the big fish of the day.

Josh missed a smaller fish, threw back and caught this nice bass

A great day on the water for sure!  Like most trips I got a little sun, joked a bit, worked the oars and had a great time.  Josh, Chanler, Dail and Nick are damn good fishermen and a true pleasure to spend a day on the water with.