More top water smallie action….

It’s been a hot summer and that means TOP WATER SMALLIES!!  Here’s a some pics from the past few weeks.

Glenn with a nice smallie

Happy Grandpaw with a nice smallie

Happy grandson with a nice top water smallie

I get to fish every now and then!

Catch, Photo and Release!

Father and son DOUBLE!!

Even the small fish fight well

Love those big smiles!

All of these fish were caught on top water poppers using 5 and 6 weight fly rods!  We still have a few days open and can accommodate up to 6 anglers per day.  Book your trip as soon as possible since summer will be over before you know it and the top water bite will be gone as well.  Here’s a quick link for your convenience…
BTW not everyday is ideal….  check out this happy family on a 3 boat float.

Some days are a bit rainy, this day was very WET!

Nolichucky Gorge June 2011

Had a blast floating and fishing the Nolichucky Gorge with my buddies this weekend.  Some of the highlights…

Mack aka Richard falling 1-15/16ths out of the boat.  First person to ever be ejected from my boat and he was rowing!

Chad on a Fanta Orange high!

Loosing my Sage SP 9ft 6wt into the river at Murphy’s Ledge, then finding it just down stream.  Of course it broke on the next fish I hooked!

The look on Jeremy’s face when Chad got them into a little trouble.

Overall a fun time with a great group of friends!  Chunking flies as a added bonus.

Just a few pics from our day.


Here’s two videos from the weekend… short version and long version. Hope you enjoy!

Chucky Gorge short version

Chucky Gorge Long Version

Easter Smallies on top water!

Spring Time top water smallie on size 4 white Shenandoah Popper, great fun on a 6wt flyrod.

Headed out for an afternoon float after church on Easter Sunday. Like most trips early in the year we brought along the hardware just in case we couldn’t get em on the fly. Surewas nice to be back smallie fishing even though it’s been a great winter and spring chasing trout. Float fishing on free flowing water, throwing big popping bugs for smallmouth bass…. oh how I love thee!

We didn’t wear em out, we didn’t get skunked and sure could have caught more on subsurface flies and hardware but just watching them engulf the popper does something to my inner being. It’s only going to get better from here.