Happy Halloween Trip Report

Harkers Island Cape Lookout Halloween 2011

The merry pranksters, Jeff, Willi, Scott, Dave, Scott, and I drove over to Havelock to visit the Cherry Point Marine Air Station to borrow a piece of equipment we needed for our holiday project.

After much discussion, cajoling, and a book of free dance tickets to a local Gentleman’s club… Lollipops, we were able to secure the object we needed to properly succeed with our mission.

This baby is bad! We journeyed over to an undisclosed destination outside of Greenville to purchase the ingredient object of our well thought out project.

We reached the farm and discovered that the grower, Billy, is not only a local legend with pumpkin aficionados, but with the ladies as well.

Upon proper securing, we headed back towards Harker’s Island to carve up the beast. Upon completion at a secret site close to Shell Point, we re-secured the behemoth gourd to the Helicopter to make our way to it’s final destination. However, we couldn’t resist buzzing the Intercoastal Waterway around Morehead City and Beaufort just for personal merriment………

We flew the pumpkin to its final destination and resting place and secured it……..

Happy Halloween from Cape Lookout Lighthouse and Harkers Island Sanitarium!

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