Back to where it all began

Last Saturday my house was about to be taken over by 40 women… sounds like a good thing right??  Wrong… they were assenting on our house for a baby shower.  My wife and I are expecting our second child at the end of October.  So I took the opportunity to slip away to a near by stream, I say near by because with gas prices so damn high I wanted to stay close to home.  Knowing I only had about 2 hours I opted for a short stretch of a stream that most people don’t realize is open to public fishing.  Most of this stream is heavily posted and I mean heavily posted and PATROLLED!  But the stretch that I learned how to fly fish on is on NC Gamelands and is open to fishing although not listed in the regulations book.

This is where my passion for flinging flies really began.  I had tried to fly fish as a kid but at the age of 18, two friends and I decided to go at it full force.  Well one of my friends is one of our guides and the other… found the true light!  He’s a preacher and a very good one at that!

This stream was our slip out of work and hit for few hours before dark stream.  Full of hungry little wild bows willing to eat a not so well presented dry fly.  Perfect for us learning the ropes.  So as I stepped into this stream last Saturday all I could think about was the great times I’ve had on this stream with my two buddies and how much we learned about the art of fly fishing.  This is where the passion took hold!!!

Most open hole on this stretch!

We always started in this hole, which was the most open water on the stream and is just upstream of the bridge where we accessed the stream.  As I stripped line off my reel I was reflecting on just how far my fly fishing career has gone since the first time I stepped into this very stream.  From tangles and curses to guiding for a living things had come a long ways for sure.  Another thing I noticed was just how far my equipment had come… from an  Eagle Claw rod and Martin reel to $1000 plus outfit with the latest greatest fly line!  WOW things sure have changed.  Then on my second cast I hooked a tree behind me and came back to reality… things had not changed that much I was still getting hung up in the trees! :-)

As usual this stream did not disappoint.  Lots of hungry wild rainbows willing to eat my flies.  Not sure how many I caught but I made sure to take time and admire them for a minute as I gently released them back into the cool mountain water.

Beautiful Wild Rainbow trout

For the record this little stream is in my home county of McDowell here in western NC.  Hopefully you have a little gem close to your home.  Well it’s time to get back to business at hand, traveling through yesteryear was nice but it’s time for me to get my guests into some big picture worthy fish!

Remember without roots, you can never grow!!

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