Couple of days with Carl

Spent two days on the water with my friend/client Carl from Hilton Head SC.  Carl is one of those guys you meet and you realize this is a good dude within a few seconds.  We have fished together a few times now and each time I learn more about him and how good of a guy he really is.  The world is fortunate to have guys like Carl.  On to the fishing….

Met Carl a few miles from his rental cabin in Burnsville, NC for a trip over to the Toe River for smallies on top water flies.  Within the hour we were on the water and hooking fish!  With 6 miles of river to fish before our take out this was a good start.  This was Carl’s first trip “on the fly”… yes he finally decided to learn fly fishing.  So the catching was a bit slow but the action stayed steady for the entire day.

Not sure how many smallies actually came to hand but we sure hooked many.  Carl wanted to use his 60′s model fiberglass flyrod which is all well and good but this rod just didn’t have enough backbone to keep these hard fighters on the hook.  We had a good time to say the least!

During pre-trip discussions I had told Carl that I would drop him off at his cabin after the trip.  So we headed that way with boat in tow and discussed catching a few trout on the fly.  As we crossed the bridge to his cabin I assure Carl I could put him on trout in that water any day of the week.  So we made a plan to fish the waters along his cabin later in the week.

Dropped Carl off at the cabin, met his wife and two children…. ie Golden Retrievers who were having a great time in the mountains.  Checked out the water on my way back out for our trip coming up in two days and saw the section I wanted us to fish.  So on Friday morning I meet Carl at his cabin for a 1/2 day fly fishing trip for trout.  Stepped in the water and made a few casts to show Carl how I wanted him to work the fly rod and saw a nice fish “flash” the fly.  This was a good sign of things to come.

Was able to get Carl casting the fly within a few inches of where he wanted it to land and went about the fishing.  First trout to hand was a nice bow of about 10-12″ ( I said 12″ but then again I’m a fishing guide!).  The skunk was off and we were on good water.  We managed several nice trout using a dry dropper rig (stimulator dry and black stone nymph dropper).  BTW first rock I turned over had 1 huge black stone on it and several other little ones.

Ended the day in a nice pool with several visible fish swimming in it.  Before we ended our day I told Carl I wanted to show him a bit more about mending and presentation.  First three cast….. THREE fish – one brown, one bow and a sweet fatty brook trout.  Made him believe in the power of presentation since he had already fished that area.  Ended up showing him 5 fish from that hole before we called it a day.

Overall a very nice couple of days on the water with a great guy!  Looking forward to the next time already.

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