Catawba Brownies eating black stones!

The black stone has been our go to fly for the Catawba River tailrace below Lake James.  During periods of none generation (minimum flow) the fish have been very active.  They have been eating a variety of flies, from beetles to hoppers to parachute sulfurs.  But the most consistent bite during periods of generation and none generation has been black stone flies in sizes 10 – 14.


Fattie browns are the norm!  Picking a few fish here and there over the 20″ mark but most of the fish are brownies between 12 and 14 inches.  Of course we would like the average fish to be 30″ + but 12 to 14 fat browns sure provide for lots of fun.


Here’s a quick video of a client landing a fattie brown on a black stone!   Hope you enjoy.
Thanks for viewing!  Here’s an EZ link to book your Catawba River tailrace fishing trip.


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