Double Boat Trip

Several times per year we get a request for a two boat trip (4 anglers). Chad and I really enjoy these trips because of the ribbing from one boat to another. Last month we did a two boat trip for clients that have fished with us a few times before. As usual we loaded my raft on the upper rack on our double trailer and headed out.

Swivel seats, lean bars & anchor systems

Dad and the daughter floated with me, while Mom and son were in Chad’s boat.  We found clear water and also found some nice smallies on top water.  All four anglers caught fish, one of them, I won’t mention names :-) forgot that you set the hook BEFORE you let out a scream, hoot or yell!  Everyone seemed to have a very good time, I know I really enjoyed the day on the river.

Riverside Picnic!

On their trip last year we had three boats on the water but it was a total wash out…. rained from the time we met and continued to after we took the boats out of the water.  Was surprised when they booked another trip.  No rain this year, absolutely perfect weather with high’s in the low 80′s, partially cloudy and no wind!

Looking upstream from our lunch spot

We flip flopped the lead several times during the float.  It is always fun to watch Chad work the oars and put his clients on fish!  This float has several nice Class II drops to keep the rower on their toes.  Drops that are just enough to get a little splash to keep the front angler cool and ready for their next cast.

We have three custom oar frame Aire rafts ready to get your group on the water!  If you want to book a multiple boat trip drop me a line at and we’ll out the details.

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  1. i floated with chad one day and too was amazed at how he could manuever that boat around them rapids, he truly is a master at the craft.

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