Big rainbows too

Fished the Catawba today with a great client from Hendersonville.  At the put inSaw that Duke Power was running 2 generators so we opted for a lower float to give us more time before the generation caught up with us.  Landed a nice brown in the first riffle we fished, but then the catching slowed a bit.  Picked up a fish or two here and there but nothing consistent.

The water color was perfect with the minimum flow generators supplying about 150 cfs.    Most of our fish came to hand on the bh black stone fly size 10.  Also caught a few on clients version of a split back rubber leg stone fly.

Then while working a great riffle that has produced many great browns over the years client hooked up with a very nice and healthy rainbow.  Very strange since this river is almost exclusive brown trout.

Overall a great day on the water with a very knowledgeable angler.  To book your trip on the Catawba tailrace click here


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