40th Aniversery Weekend

Spent the last two days on the water with a wonderful couple celebrating their 40 anniversary here in the mountains. It was a pleasure getting to spend time on the water with such wonderful people.

We covered the basics on Wilson Creek, dialed in their casting and caught some fish! Btw was checked by the Game Warden which was good to see since more enforcement means less poaching.

Floated the Catawba tailrace the second day and caught many brown trout. Dead drifting big black stones was the trick for sure. Caught a fish on the first cast of the day and continued to catch fish all day long. Action slowed a bit once the cloud cover burned off around 1pm but as the sun dropped behind the hills the fishing picked up.

Really seemed like they had a great trip, learned to fly fish, ate at Yiannis Friday night, Churchills on Saturday night and stayed a the Inn at Glen Alpine for the weekend. Trying to do all I can to help the local economy! Check this pic I snapped of the Inn at Glen Alpine.

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