Streamer fishin… sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t!

Another good couple days on the Catawba this week.  Lots of hungry fish!!  The Caddis Hatch is tapering off but the fish are still looking for caddis to eat.  Late afternoon generation so far this week has provided some great days at minimum flow.

Brownie willing to eat

Lots of fish willing eat a well presented caddis  in the slow water.  In the riffle water the Catawba Bugger has been very productive, but in the slower pools the browns just want to lick it but not eat it.  So in the slower water we’ve been doing very well with big black beadhead stone flies, big like size 10!!

Streamer fishing can be a challenge, lots of casting and some tangles here and there.

In fact had a streamer hit the rod during a cast today and then on the next cast BOOM!  Another broken rod :-(   Thank goodness for a factory warranty.

Here’s a view the brownies are getting very use to seeing.
Tight lines, see ya on the river!

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