From the Wilson Creek to the Catawba tailrace

This week was a good week on the water, especially for March.  From chasing brookies, bows and browns in Wilson Creek to stalking browns on the Catawba, getting to fish for trout in March is a true pleasure.  Think of how many trout streams throughout the US are frozen solid!!

First Day Flyfishing on Wilson CreekTrout on Wilson Creek seemed to like the olive wooly bugger, a few of them even rose up for a big ol size 10 yellow stimulator!

As usual the water was very clear and flowing at nice levels.  Lots of bug activity throughout the mid day.  From blue wing olives, to black stones and even a few grey caddis flying around.


Wilson Creek High BridgeDid see a few other fishermen on the water but with 3-1/2 miles of Delayed Harvest water, we had plenty of places to fish.  In fact we saw one person fishing while we were fishing.

Notice just how clear this water is.  Keep this in mind as you make plans to fish Wilson Creek.  Light tippet is a must!!!

Catawba River BrownCatawba River brown trout sure like our Catawba Bugger!   As you can see the brownies are healthy and FAT!!  Of course generation schedule is still a bit unpredictable but with our self bailing rafts we can float with or without generation.

Fat brownies hammering streamers and sipping elk hair caddis off the surface in the same day….  makes for a great time on the water!!!

Special Regulations on Catawba River TailraceHere’s a shot back upstream to the confluence of Muddy Creek and Catawba River.  This marks the upper end of the Special Regulation Trout Water.

Notice this is BIG water.  We began seeing rises as soon as we hit the Special Regs water and continued to see them all the way to the take out.


Catawba Brown in the netHere’s a nice brownie the hammered a size 4 black Catawba Bugger.  We had equal numbers of fish on the olive and black CB.  Then we switched over to a size 14 Wilson Creek caddis and sight fished to rising fish.

Rising browns are sexy, I don’t care who you are! :-) Who am I trying to fool??  Any browns willing to eat your fly is sexy!!


All of our full day trips include a picnic lunch.  I like to thank our “sponsors” Duke’s Mayonnaise and Grey Poupon mustard. They sure make a sandwich special!!

Thanks for reading, and please keep in mind Hatchery Supported Trout Streams are CLOSED from March 1st until the 1st Saturday April.


Our calendar is filling quickly, don’t wait to book your trip.  Here’s a quick link to our guide page for more info and booking.

One thought on “From the Wilson Creek to the Catawba tailrace

  1. walt and scott, good job on the fishing info. keeping up with it whats going on the streams,and the mighty catawba. i’m just letting the public know to go and get your gear at wilsoncreek outfitters and go fishing and forget about those gas takes the pressure off a hard days work and relaxes one self. cause when i’m fishing they could drop a bomb on me and would not care. so keep us posted and u people get those flyrods out and book a trip with scott and go fishing be it trout or those smallies which it want be long right scott. see yah at the shop.

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