August Happenings at WCO!

WOW it’s mid August and the local streams / rivers are FULL of water???? Call it El Nino or whatever you will but we’ll take it. While most of the country is battling drought conditions, our streams are full and we’re chasing everything that will eat a fly!  From trout to bass to catfish to carp many incredible opportunities are waiting for the fly.

With heavy rains of course sometimes the streams/river get cloudy or worse MUDDY!.  Part of the challenge is finding where the rains have fallen and just how much.  Thought we would share a few links that we keep a close eye on …. NOAA Automated Flood Warning System which is updated every fifteen minutes and local USGS River Gauges are also a big help.   These links should help you determine where the rain fell, just how much and what effect it has on the local streams.  Remember sometime you need to forget about hitting your favorite stream and fish the water that provides the best opportunity to get your rod bent.

“Trash” fish to many…  but carp eating dry flies are hard to resist.

Here in Morganton, NC we are very fortunate in that we always (well nearly always) have clear water to fish.  Of course sometime you must change the species you are going after but that is part of the challenge and that’s one of the reason many of us enjoy throwing the fly so much…. the Challenge!!  To many fly flingers the number of species on the fly is a major part of the challenge.  In fact Lefty’s newest book,  101 Fish – A Fly Fisher’s Life List is pretty much Lefty’s 101 fish stories about his most memorable fly caught fish.  So chasing other species on the fly is not a sin….  how many species have you caught on the fly?

Clear water after a big storm can be very rewarding!!

Found this beautiful rainbow in a gin clear stream the day after a huge front / rain storm moved through.  Of course if we told you where we would have to shoot you! :-)   Hope you understand.  Of course you can always head up higher in the hills to find clear water. But as we all know head water streams require a unique level of patience and not to mention the hard work to get from hole to hole.  “Bluelines” as they are commonly called very seldom get dirty but sure can get swift.

Sometime our only option to fish moving water is local tailraces below dams.  Typically tailraces stay clear unless something crazy is going on in the lake.  So next time the rain messes up your plans to go fishing, don’t give in to spouse pressure and stay home GO FISHING!!  We are not responsible for any harm this post may cause you! :-)

Trout Fly Fishin Camp 2011

Once again we have decided to offer our annual Trout Fly Fishin Camp on the banks of Wilson Creek.  This will be a full day camp with seminars for the beginning flyrodder to the flyflinger who wants to hone up their skills.  This camp is open for anglers (both male and female) from age 16 and up, for those anglers under 16 we’ll be offering a youth camp later in the season.

This year’s Trout Fly Fishin Camp will be Saturday October 15th.  As with all of our camps we will be break the camp into 3 parts..

Trout Fly Fishin 101 – for those anglers new to the sport ($150 for first person $50.00 for second person)

2 part program – Intro to Flyfishing and Casting for the morning session, lunch break and then On Stream Tips and Tactics in the afternoon.

Trout Fly Fishin 201 – for those anglers still struggling with getting the basics down ($150 for first person $50.00 for second person)

2 part program – Casting and fishing dynamics for the morning session, lunch break and then On Stream Tips and Tactics in the afternoon.

Trout Fly Fishin 301 – for those anglers wanting to move to the next level ($125 per person)

1 part program – On Stream Tips and Tricks in the afternoon.

WCO will provide our professional guides to work with you throughout the day.  We will also provide a group picnic lunch, waters and snacks.  We will not provide equipment, of course we’ll be happy to make recommendations.  All guests must provide their own wading gear, rod, reel, leaders and tippet.  We’ll be happy to provide a list of recommended gear for all camp guests.

To sign up click here! Keep in mind we only have a few slots open and they will fill quickly.

February Happenings at WCO / EZflyfish

Spring is Near

This is a great time of the year to get your gear ready for the up coming fishing season.  Don’t get broke off by that fish of a lifetime using old leaders and tippet.  Tippet and Leaders get old and brittle, now is a great time to replace your leaders and tippet spools.

EZ Leaders and Tippet

Summer 2011 Smallmouth Bass 2 Boat Float Trip

This trip is for 3-4 anglers who want to get away from it all. We’ll float 7-8 miles on a remote river in western NC, stopping for streamside lunch along the way. This area is so remote we only float it when we have two boats just for added safety. 4 miles of this float you will not even see a house!! Truly backcountry fishing with very little pressure. This is where the big smallmouth bass live!!!!

This trip must be booked prior to April 1st, 2011

Click here to purchase

Spring Lodging / Guide Trip Specials

With our outpost fly shop on the banks of Wilson Creek at Brown Mountain Beach Resort.  We are now offering Lodging / Guide Trip Packages on our Private Trophy Trout Stream and wanted to let you know about them.

Two Nights and one Full Day Guided Fly Fishing Trip on our Private Trophy Trout Stream Special

Two nights at one of our cabins at Brown Mountain Beach Resort on the banks of Wilson Creek, and one full day guided fly fishing trip for two anglers on our Private Trophy Trout Stream.  Flies are included and rental gear is available. Streamside picnic lunch is included on all full day trips.

Retail $750

Two Angler, Two Night Special $600

One Night and one Full Day Guided Fly Fishing Trip on our Private Trophy Trout Stream Special

One night at one of our cabins at Brown Mountain Beach Resort on the banks of Wilson Creek, and one full day guided fly fishing trip for two anglers on our Private Trophy Trout Stream.  Flies are included and rental gear is available.

Streamside picnic lunch is included on all full day trips.

Retail $575

Two Angler, One Night Special $450

Click here to purchase

Close Out Specials

We are ready to clear out our winter selections and this means big savings for you.  Check out our Clearance Page for a complete listing.  EZ Close Outs Remember to check back often since we update these pages weekly.

Great Southern Fishing Expo

We’ll be exhibiting at the Great Southern Fishing Show in Atlanta on Feb 19-20  Stop by as say hello if you get a chance!

More info here

Some new items to checkout

Rio Smallmouth Bass FlylineSage Hats

Simms Hats

Sage 4200 Reels

Jan 2011 Ezflyfish / Wilson Creek Outfitters Newsletter

Wilson Creek Outfitters

Happenings January 2011

In this issue:

Private Water Trout Fishing

Great Southern Fishing Show Atlanta, GA Feb 19-20, 2011

Tyers Corner

Shop Happenings

Floating the Catawba River Jan 2, 2011 by Scott Cunningham

Private Water Trout Fishing

Managed trout streams provide the visiting angler the opportunity to fish to above average size trout in a very private setting. These streams are managed with the health of the fisheries in mind. All flies must be barbless and modern Catch and Release styles nets are required to assure the proper release of these monsters.

We have access to the most covented private trophy streams in NC and southwestern VA.  Do keep in mind these streams are where dreams come to life.  With opportunities to catch 10 pound PLUS trout!!!!!  For more info check out Our Guide Page on EZFLYFISH

Great Southern Fishing Show

Atlanta, GA

Feb 19-20, 2011

We will be attending the Great Southern Fishing Show at the North Georgia Trade Center on Feb 19-20, 2011 and would like to invite all of our subscribers to attend.  Should be a great show with lots of exibitors.

Scott, our shop guide, will be doing two presentations on River Smallies On The Fly!

We’ll have a booth full of the latest equipment, books and gear you’ll need for the up coming season.  So stop by and say “Hello”.

EZ Coupon

Save 10% on your next order from

Just enter fishon11 in the coupon box at check out!

Tyers Corner

Just wanted to give all you tyers a heads up about the Tying Deals we have at Ezflyfish.  Most of our tying materials are available for volume discounts.  Mix and match colors, sizes etc for these discounts.  Take a look at our Tying Materials Page.

Also for even more savings we have issued a Tying Coupon.  To save an additional 15% just enter tying2011 in the coupon box at check out!

The fly tying on the third Thursday has been a big hit and we hope to continue getting more and more tiers to join us.  So if you are in town and want to join us, feel free to come on by.  BTW you are welcome to come by and just watch if you want.

Shop Happenings

Our end of year inventory is behind us and now it’s time to get working on all those “after the first of the year projects”.  We’re trying to firm up several dates for programs we’re offering this year.  We’ll have the schedule ready for next month’s newsletter.  Some programs we’ll be offering this year…  Flyfishing for trout 101 – An introduction to this wonderful sport.  River smallmouth on the fly – Tips and Tricks to catch more and bigger smallies. Just to name a few.

Our spring pre-season orders are beginning to show up.  And as you can imagine we need to make some room for the new gear.  Here’s a few items we’re offering on Close Out…

Simms Thermal Pro Fleece Gloves

Retail: $27.95   Your Price: $19.00

SAGE-Xi2, starting atRetail: $690.00Closeout SALE $499.00

Not new for this year but still selling very well is the Simms waist and

chest packs.  Check out these Water Proof Packs, click on the image for a link.

New shop hours for the winter..

Mon-Weds 10am to 2pm     Thurs-Fri 10am to 6pm

Floating the Catawba River Jan 2, 2011

by Scott Cunningham

After checking the phone message once a day for the past three weeks and all it said was “No recreational releases scheduled for the next three days” yet every time I drove over the river I noticed they were generating.  I then decided to check the new USGS gauge at Bridgewater, I quickly noticed several days in a row with one wheel running.  PERFECT, overcast skies, several days of generation and I had the itch for that familiar tug on the line!  Absolutely didn’t care it was January, I needed to not only fish but was also ready to float.  We dropped Chad’s oar frame raft at the put in and headed for the take out.  Once we arrived at the take out we found something we surely didn’t want to find…  a LOCKED gate!  I quickly began making a few calls and a few calls later I had the Glen Alpine Chief of Police on the phone offering to come unlock the gate for us.  Apparently the board voted to close the access for the first 3 months of the year.  Of course I kept his cell number for future reference.  Finally around 10 am we were on the water. BTW the Chief was super nice and very helpful.

First fish to hand about 500 yards into the 7.8 mile float was a solid 12-13″ colorful brownie.  Soon there after I starting noticing how the clouds were breaking up and the sun was breaking through.  Ummm nice warm sun on my face in early January.  Even though it felt great I would have preferred to keep the overcast skies.  Our first half of the trip was very typical for the Catawba Tailrace.  Several nice strikes at our streamers and a few of those fish brought to hand.  We always say 10 hits to 1 fish is a good ratio but today it was more like 4 to 1.  Unfortunately it wouldn’t stay like that.  As the skies cleared the winds picked up and the catching slowed to a very slow crawl. By mid day the wind was blowing what felt like 100 mph dead up stream.  And eventually Chad and I decided we had enough and began rowing towards the take out.

Finished the day out with 8 or 9 fish brought to hand (2 bows, the rest browns) and a few more released next to the boat.  Like always a few LDR’s (Long Distance Releases) also.

Technical info for those who care…

Size 4, 6 and 8 Catawba Buggers (fancy wooly buggers – look for the tying recipe coming to our site soon) in black and olive.  We decided early in the day to stay on the move and chunk big heavy streamers rather than slowing down to nymph fish.

River was running 1150 Cubic Feet per Second, 3.68 Feet on the USGS gauge. River was running very clear as usual.

Thanks for taking time to read our newsletter.  We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Walt and Scott